Friday, April 17, 2009

+*+ Twinkel Twinkele Littel Stal +*+ i no sleep early...i chat with carmen..^_^...hohoho..then she say she have song ..
" BEST "
=.= then i hear...i lough like the puntianak...i think puntianak think twice mau dekat saya..AHHAHA

+*+ Happy? +*+

Well Today i feel happy lil bit ^_^v
Hehehe...i got Bu deng shou de mimi Full Ost.!!
TQ CARMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i want listen the song and enjoy it..^_^


v [ ^_^ ] v
| |


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

+*+ Party 2 -> Picture +*+

Cridits to : Carmen
Edit by me^_^ and carmen
:p im still noob..kekek

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Cridits to Carmen :p

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Cridits to Carmen :p

By me

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Cridits to Carmen :p

By me

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Cridits to Carmen :p

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Cridits to Carmen :p

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

+*+ dream land? +*+

Well i woke up and direct to computer... then in my head got this noisy piano melody...then i quickly go to piano and try to hear what that song...

Well its not very clear, i just play once...and cant repet it....T~T FUCK!!!
well to me its sound im in dream my mind sound very best...but when i play it..haiz..very tereble..
You all try hear it....its sound like this....

Well..once again i wanna say..
I am blind note. Play just only once. YES! I AM NOOB THANK YOU!.
=.= i dono how to read the fucking note...zzzz HELP ME!!!! T~T

+*+ Party Part 1 -> The story +*+

Today i have party with my friends at cosmo...*sesi pengenalan*So i go putata first jumpa azam...

And then i go with azam to Tj.Aru sama2...After 5 minit...we kira mau jalan kaki dari Kedai SUNNY tu sampai p Beach 2...LOL!!! but luck is in our side..Haziq and Feeqah saw us while Feeqah calling me.LOL~ so they stop at the ESCO oil station.
We having a minum2 at depan ESCO....after that we go the Beach 2...
Me and Azam kena suruh datang awal cuz mau jaga tu makanan...
Then we go the Beach dua....there got pondok and sedia sekali with the Tempat bakar2...
YA!! WE PANGANG PANGANG THE DEAD AYAM!! nyam2!...satap loh!
Hehehe...while waiting...we stay2 at there....

Feeqah ask me to bagi teman her go to toilet....then..i go la..then i boring2 i take this picture...*no motif*..ac2ly i like to take picture..^_^

Well i like pokok ac2ly..i like to draw..i like to watch dead tree...i like to take a pic pokok2....huhuh
After that, Haziq and Peeqa go to cosmo couz peeqa and haziq got perjumpaan about E-Bisness.
So now Me and Azam left...i go to the pantai...main2 the air and find a seeshell....
and i found dead fish and dead jellyfish~_~

This is the Ikan mati

And this is i found at the beach..did u belive it? well u MUST!!! CUZ IFOUND IT!

Then after that a few minuites later...the other student come...but haziq, Feeqah and Marchella is still at cosmopoint.
So ...i go at depan...and do some sand castle..but no jadi..then a few minuites later Haziq , Feeqah and Marchella come. So i just contineu making sand castle...then Ehem2! " Carmen"
give me idea...i think or azam or..........ow ya ngam la "Carmen" give me idea making a Poo Sand Castle.

Tada....i oso have gambar like this...wkakaka...later la the part 2 is all picture and penerangan dia..wakkaka..

So after that..we go masak the ayam!! ^_^..
@_@? omg! To many!... dat...lets zoom...

Look at the hotdog jatuh and its like wanna explode...BOOM!

Carmen Art work..^_^ kekek


Then after that we have the game...its the birthday girl marchella..*i dono how tu spell it...LOL *
ow and its her birthday cake...and lil bit

Then we play a stupid game..want see?...TADA!! uploading...~_~..

ok in the mean while...i have recod the birthday girl dancing with my fren,,,azam! ^_^
like sweet cople..kekee....wanna see it!?...TADA!!...
zzzz wait..its oso uploading..~_~...
and then..this is when maw balik...we take a pic...*and some of em im not ready*

CARMEN!!!! TSANG KIU!!! Very much...