Saturday, August 8, 2009

+*+ Friendster Problems. +*+

Today i see like friendster got probs. Wat comes out in my mind is
Friendster got HACKED!
cuz when i refreshing evrytime i got others profile,picture album and comment...
its ony preview on one and focus on one thing...example
Picture album only came out...the others like Next or Comment got no ow..
The profile ony about her/he no picture, or else..LOL
hope u paham2 la...
And i see the html css things came error..but not error..ony not displaying the css

then i found again...this page

When i click " Here " it goes here
ok i want having phun

Friday, August 7, 2009

+*+ Monday is panda's movie time +*+

Haiz... today i canot go to cosmo ow..ac2ly today got free class, but cant come. Got no money leh~
I wake up then my parents all go gai gai ody~
Hurm...(=3 wat to do....

Well i kira want ask panda watch movie again this monday~ hehehe GI JOE....
But monday movie time with her i paksa jadi pondan for a while~ kkakakak..cuz its ladyz day~
Hehehe when panda go buy tiket, i go tapuk somewhere else...heheh got discount bah!
hurm last movie with panda is The Proposal. Yea very shiok one!.....
HAHAH... but i hate lil bit....>_<>
yer~ i dont like the sad2 loh~ T~T...
well......i cant wait see the UP ! heheh siok tu~~

oya...this month like jerebuh ow....i dono why..i dont see berita ...
and my gary ody lost never come back.
T~T what a jynx life....T~T