Saturday, October 24, 2009

+*+ Whole Day have Fun +*+

Well today is 22 oct 09 . .. .

We go to UMS cuz got Matrix Show.

Izudin send us there using his dad car. hohoho at the back is
Then Izudin go take Hiromi. . .

after that we arived at ums...near the CIMB bank.
when we out from car we first come then baru la sir agus and sir sharul with the geng. . .

after that we take severel pictuere..hehe...that time...we go see the animation..hoho realy nice ow...then we go to the bilik drawing.....canvas drawing..

nice~ ^o^....

*Cridits to Carmen@panda*

hahah xD im the winner! xD

After that we go eat eat..hehe..lapar loh ...but before we go kantin...panda see something nice she suruh go there. . .
*i just folow lol*

Nice right? cridits to her~

huhuh....who can edit? please edit for me! xD

This one is almost near the kantin....

LOL!!! this is the kuliah punya room..we go here take aricon..xD

after that we go eat eat....
hohoho ..sedap ow~ and murah2 siiiikit...

after that...we bincang we want go cosmo or one i vote for one b!! xD
want gaigai~~



after then. . . . we go buy icecleam!!

then we go down stairs go taking picx

after that v go eat eat.. .xD the aunt ask panda..
Are u all come from malaysia or tourist ? LOL
While eating. . . she got called from his funny ni..
cuz v taking a

Finish, end.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

+*+ Learn To Online Business +*+

My friend ka fe have a cuzen at kl who sell things at internet at

He can get 2000 to 4000 can u belive that? well at first i dint but when i see and think logicaly ITS TRUE!

huhu i dont have money i want follow oso like he. . . if can la..>_<

huhu...but try la to learn online business for better future. Thank you LOL

but serius ow easy money mah. . . then simpan ...ha! i got one good story from you.

My dad always tell me simpan duit at bank slalu.

Then my dad tell me this story is true story. . .dia ckp ni cerita dari amarica. . .

Some hobo begging for money everyday, When the hobo got money he keep at bank.
Every day he do the same thing. . . .beg for money...then keep at bank..
Then someday he want to check how many he kept already.
The hobo was shock! he is already a billionaire !!!

nah! gila eh....i want oso like dat ow~ huhuhh....>_<

The end

+*+ List Item +*+

Well i want to list out my items that i want to buy.
yala i want try jimat2 leh...JAPAN IS WAITING FOR ME!! ^o^

ok first thing is

Gaming Gear

Razer Salmosa : budget RM250
Mantis Mouse pad : Budget RM100


Jeans: Budget RM100
2 pair of shoes: budget RM100


Dye black or brown back : Budget RM70

Ok thats it....ok lets kira semua! lol we do math today!
------- much. . .how ow..haiz...must kurang belanja...T^T phone need to change oso....


Japan..wait for me...T__T

+*+ Postponed +*+

Well TODAY we plan going to watch movie. . . but my fren Gaban * that all called him *
got plan, so i ask panda if she want go with them or watch movie. . . so she make decision Movie postponed by tomorow. hikhikhik... then i say ok loh...^^

Well we go to i dono wat that place name, we eat i dono what the food wait..i go ask first..
ngau chap...
lol... its sedap juga la...

the funy thing three trip...we go there cosmo to Lintas using kancil...dats y la..

well after we go eating there....we go cp again...go sing2 at tingkat lapan dat. . .

V.I.P room xD....
ony 30 minit bah..itu pun patak2 neh~

after we go sing2 we go CIMB bank check our money come or not...IN ODY OW!!

then go lepak at Puteri lagi...haha...then go home///hihihiih

well...even can watch mvie...oso can go gai gai neh~
and today i get some new fren . . . Hiromi hahaha

Monday, October 19, 2009

+*+ Today is the day~+*+

Nyi hii hii hii hii ~~
I wake up at 10am.... lol....the new cat lick2 me...i name it Shiro!!
HAHA...thanks to Rabitto~
well At frist i dono wat to name rabitto comment at my chat box..
to name it Shiro...
Well i name it~ Hyak hyak hyak. . .

My class today start at 11am, well better get start it..because today is


ok~ chow~

+*+ Its all fine. +*+

Yeah!!! when i wake up at 3.40 i see my hp then ngam2 relod datang..hoho
then i go sms her say sory..>_<

Then sudently she say " bill is over "

HAPPY OW! ^_^...

hiihih ^o^

Sunday, October 18, 2009

+*+ Talk zero4 +*+

well i got no mood....huhuhu..feel so fucking guilty about it. . .T^T

now its 1.10 pm..dono wat to do....well i want go mood...T^T

+*+ Talk zero3 +*+

or maybe i just think to much. . . dont you think..ergh.. .

scaning for happy day. . .
scanning, . . .
|||||||||||||||||100% complete.

dono wer... T^T

damit..if i got no go drink..i wont feel anykind of suspicius or feel guilty ....huhuh....

+*+ Talk zero2 +*+

Well today i want to talk zero. . . to forget it...

Ok lets start

First thing im gonna to do is. . .doing changing my plan list. . .

ok. . .tomorow maybe i got test. . .my class start. . . 11am. . .mybe i will end around 12 or 1pm..

then i go watch any kind movie available at one Borneo. . .alone. . .
* IF She not friend with me anymore because i have send a stupid msg's to her *

Now my weight is 70 from 55. . . well i wanna try to diet from now on.

less talk maybe. . .

Change hair again. . .

no drink. . .

if got prob......ill talk to my only cat...>:O

hurmm...piano? long time no play2.... easy emo kind of diz u all want talk shit just talk..i dint care...


+*+ Talk zero +*+

today. . . my grandmother just come home and she bring white cat...huhu the cat soo thin like when the first garry come at my house...

so i give the cat eat friskies...well the cat kinda funny tho...
huhu..and i want the cat become fat fat one...
Well im gonna teach the cat again from the bigining....huhu...

Even it sound crazy but i prefer to talk with cat when i want to release my anger or sad...huhuhu...cuz when i talk to someone...they will boring...and i will know and i can see from there face and reaction..
and sms...but..i ody...T_T.

1.they force smile and keep looking somewhere and at down...means ITS FAKE !
2.When u cerita...then sudently they pura2 ask something... ITS FAKE !

anyhow. . . .

The cat? well it " SHE " white, long first look like a dumb cat..but i will change that....huhuh
harap2 dono...wat to call it..


+*+ Wake up with a Guilty Feelings +*+

Well today i wake up with a guilty feelings... Yeah its like old life of mine. . .T^T

Last night i. . . . watch this movie called CHAOS,
Wow i impress with the Chaos theory. . .* i guess so *
I remember what they say : become a pattern. . .


well anyway i hope tomorow will be fine... huhuhu

i pray to god hopefully will be a ok....if not....haiz....T_T

+*+ Im Sorry What i Text to you +*+

Im sorry what i text to u. . .i dint understand also wat i type but i think maybe something bad. . .
im sorry. . .

Haiz...this is the first and last...i wont go kinda place like dat..T__T


Im sorry Panda. . .