Tuesday, October 20, 2009

+*+ Learn To Online Business +*+

My friend ka fe have a cuzen at kl who sell things at internet at www.mudah.com.my

He can get 2000 to 4000 can u belive that? well at first i dint but when i see and think logicaly ITS TRUE!

huhu i dont have money ow..so i want follow oso like he. . . if can la..>_<

huhu...but try la to learn online business for better future. Thank you LOL

but serius ow easy money mah. . . then simpan ...ha! i got one good story from you.

My dad always tell me simpan duit at bank slalu.

Then my dad tell me this story is true story. . .dia ckp ni cerita dari amarica. . .

Some hobo begging for money everyday, When the hobo got money he keep at bank.
Every day he do the same thing. . . .beg for money...then keep at bank..
Then someday he want to check how many he kept already.
The hobo was shock! he is already a billionaire !!!

nah! gila eh....i want oso like dat ow~ huhuhh....>_<

The end


ojie_in_a_drama said...

lets be a hobo then.. ~.~