Thursday, May 21, 2009

+*+ My second time party class +*+

i dono why im lazy to post blog *Punch!* Ouch!! =_=!
Yesterday...........*eh? yaka?...NO! * Eh! its hari! rabu!!
=_=...*need redbean bun from panda* HAHA
*blur for awhile~*

Ok...Hari rabu...well...its kindda fun day...
its my class party..yeah like the other day but this party perpisahan .... no sad feeling about it..AHHAHA
T~T but...ony got lil bit one head friend ody pindah bah~
One is Haziq,... and one is Bell...haiz~
and Hanif oso cant come one...Yer~
if got hanif siok ow...funny~ HAHAHA
=_= im not olok2 dia..but..when he's around us..many story he tell us..walakakka
well i start go out from my house at 8.30 LOL!
I promise them wait at cosmo but my dad make the Oil..yum yum!
hehe...after that i and azam turun at simpang yang mau masuk itu Tanjung aru...>_<>
after that...we walk walk walk =_=.....haziq call again..ask me go to the same place like we party last time. i and azam first arived there.
We walk till the place wer we gonna to party akkakaakkakak
after that other coming..then the boys been ask to find dead wood for bbq chiken.:p

When i looking for dead wood...i see carmen playng the water...HAHAHA
i saw her like *Gila* WAAKKAKAKA XP

So i pick some dead wood and i take a picture...

After that...i go put the kayu api tempat dorang...
Then i look at my left view...i saw a i ask carmen borrow camere dia XD.
Then i call azam to take a picture and Carmen
WAKAKA..bored bah

Here it is.
= =" still new in editing aakakka

and then. . . we went back..but we still taking picture...= ="

i take this pic...AHAHHAHA..candit! XP
dont angree aa~

Then Panda go to get cat picture = ="... and my eyes like...= =" hahah!

= =" ahahahaha...funy panda~
*dont mad aa*X3

after panda "secsesfully" Take cats picture, we went back to see the ayam kena masak =D
hungry~~ *Kruuukk~~* >_<

huhuhu..i bring oil that if u masak aa..u use dat oil...gerenti mau lagi..akakak..
But the ingrediant x cukup >_<...

*haziq is our cooker and me..and also azam..and others..AHAHHA

after we eat...we take a picture..= =" first it was Panda idea*carmen*
LOL...she say open the key chain from my handphone..
So..dono wat position, wat posing want to do. so i just do like diz

AAkakakak....panda oso help me...tq carmen~

Tq carmen~ ^_^ *the bra it was my idea* <---Pian tai HAHAHAH XD

LOL.....the smoke not even light on = ="

The end = ="

Sunday, May 17, 2009

+*+ The Egg Egg +*+

Yesterday i go one borneo. Yea at first i so bored got nothing to do =.= Then Rex sms me. He say 
Uitz lets go one b. Jalan2. So then i reply i got no money =.=.
then i go find at my school beg. some money and i go bodek my lil bro duit sikit. kekek.
Then i go one b. At the way to One b. To many korean at the bus..ho ho ho...hehe..*bored at the bus* so i sms carmen. LOL...bored bah~ then she ask me to spin one egg egg, heuheuhuehue
after arived at one B. I go ToyRUs. i tout the egg egg one inside the Shop~
=.= at outside pula penat i round2 in the shop. the workers there look me lain lain i want stealing something=_=!
zzz then i give up i go out. then i saw the Egg egg=_=!!!!!

* Pic Took from Lazy Panda~ * Hyakhyakhyakhyak

After then i buy token. YOU KNOW THE TOKEN COST HOW MANY@@!?
4 ringgit each. =_=!? if made in japan i dont care but made in china one -.-..nvm~
i buy two token one for me and one for Carmen.
hehe i get this

Then i draw a comic Hehehe

The Yellow one is for Lazy panda =_= the blue  one is for me...

Wei Chocolate stik! dont foget aa...@_@*im watching you*

heuehuheu.....thats all..papai~