Wednesday, May 6, 2009

+*+ Pizza Jackass? +*+

Its 7.00 When i was watching tv about Lightning strike...i was amize that human brain can do.
After while i go googling about Brains!
Then Nizam sms me.."hoi wer u?...i go spen pizza so..i get ready to go..i look at the clock it was 8.00 pm..@_@?
So i just go wait at bus. At bus i meet Azam! lol ac2ly azam oso ikut go eat eat pizza at putatan ony.

After that nizam and Yoh.
Hehehe....after that we go in the pizza and oder..kekek


After finish eat...AHHAHA

Me and Yoh*sms with laopo dia* haha

Ajam and Ejam...*matai*

LOL...look at me..stun stun lio de~ akakak

Yam pui!!!


Yum! *Azam*

Eeek! *Yoh*

Wuusshh!! CheeseMan!*Nizam*


Hehehe.....and then i do stupid thing entertain my friend...kekke


Thanx To Nizam for spen us at there and thanx to watch my stupid act!

+*+ +*+
+*+ THE END +*+
+*+ +*+