Saturday, April 25, 2009

+*+ Basikal Penampang +*+ kan ow~...
Well at pagi i wake up then go layan counter strike...
*act2ly My friend buzz then say..OI..Pristage*
So..after beberapa minit...TOME sms..
WEI mana korang?...
ow i know that Tome got the tournement..i almost forgot ow. So i tell Nizam go there hantar me with he's motor.
So i go pm Azam..then i say..Wei..we go penampang, see tome Counter strike Tournement..
So...we go off the Game..then Azam make an we go bincang2 there.

Then sudently my idea JACKASS comeout.BUAHAHAHA. I say to azam
" Zam! ko ada basikal kan? p sana nek basikal. Jom bergerak"
Apa lagi semua pun ok jak...LOL...

After That i arived at azam House.

First...i go pump.

And then My Skills are back to Game! * serius...YAHHH!!*

So kami bergerak dengan pantas. Milo yakin boleh. =.= wtf?
then azam got record me...ALA!....fogot to mintak dari dia..nvm
i only tahan naik basikal from rumah azam to Prabot matahari
*Meruntum to Kg.Ulu*

So Azam ganti saya dari Meruntum to dono wer~..but so far ow...same far like me..
Here the vidz

And then...i record2....mubling jumbling..bla bla bla......then i see some sky ...then i stop for a while and take a pic of cloud...

and i wait for the vids kemenangan azam..WAKAKAK

Ni azam suda Arived...with some tayar pancit...

And this is the coment of the winner..WKAKAKA

After that...i switch for azam...ITS MY TURN NOW!! when i use the basikal...the tayar pancit bad luck..Y~Y...when naik tu bukit lagi la bikin malu ow!!
The man slowly drive and open he jenjela kereta and show his thumb " Ok ka boy?"
so dengan control nye saya...." ok ba...*thumbs up + Smile with control malu* "
HAHAHHA after that...i rest at tepi sakit pantat saya ow!....and my leg was so pain full...i just tahan2 saja ow...huhuh...

after that nizam suruh me go pondok over down i just jalan kaki and push the bike to down hill

I was so dam tired!!! YER~
>_< i

Then i go buy some ice cream and some keropok...=.=

When i buy keropok.....i got nothing inside the keropok....teda ni..kosong...what i get is all Angin~
*maybe it was new Keropok Angin *=___=!?

So....i call pika to pick me up...LOL it she pick up me and azam....about 6.10 pm....haha..nvm bout long as got transport......dari pukul 2pm..WKAKAKAK....sory PIKA ganggu ko bedating..>_<

when we waiting pika datang..i take a severel stupid pic..LOL

And then pika arived...when i in the car..i capture cloud pic oso..

So...thats if for now..>_<...bye~...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Taggy Maggie byOJJIE! :D

1. nama penuh anda?adakah anda suka dgn nama itu?
=> Syed Abdul Quddus. Erm...wierd...i got no keturunan syed. But im proud of my name :D

2. anda menyayangi?
=> My cat and those who love me..WAKKAKAK

3. maksud cinta bagi anda?
=> Love dont exist =.=!

4. maksud cantik bagi anda?

5. menggunakan hp jenis?suka?
=>i using S.E K801i....

6.pix yg terbaru?

Curch by carmen. well this oso new..LOL

7. 5 bnda ada dlm hidop anda?
- COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!
- CAMERE!!!!!

8. adakah anda berjiwa 'rock'?
Yup!...well....i dono..@_@?..sometime...and sometime not...kekke

9. siapa yg membuat anda happy?

10. apa yg anda inginkan dalam idop?
=> Well i want my jynx go aways . And....i want be a success full buat tu katun2...kekek..
and i want go japan....with my friends after 3 years ni..and going korean...also in 3 years ni....*padahal..suda planing pun WKAKAK*

11. anda merasakan sesuatu itu sangat indah/cantik bila?
=> when its or something or someone makes me can make me wont forget it in 3days...well i consider its " Indah and cantik"

12. 5 lagu yg sangat2 best bagi anda?
er...*jarang hafal nama2 lagu..LOL*
1)Kiss the rain
3)J.C = Bu neng shou de mimi.
5) Rain Bi= I do

13. 5 movie/film sgat2 best bagi anda?
first is...THE SIMPSONS Movie!!! DOUP!
Second is All korean la...LOL
Third is Bu neng shou de mimi....very sad..Y~Y
Fourth is Amber City
And the Fifth is HONEY AND CLOVER!!!!!!!!

14. siapa yg tagged anda ni?ceritakan pasal dia..
oJIE...the " nenek " kekek..joke...well about her...* i think i cant say her crazy..*
well she is nice person... not crazy...she's normal...* puff..another lie...i scared got killed by one can hear my thougt...oh.~* KEKEKEK
=_______= i dam blur wat im talking about....well
Ojie is, riang..playfull..sometime she will become GREEN *Hulk*....LOL! and she is very playfull...*darn! i already say that*....and she always ganggu suny..macm la..sian suny

15. 3 yg bertuah tuk di tag?
Jangan...nanti kesian durang....wakkaka
-> ByBy
-> Freeqy feeqah..
-> if u want guru...bah..tome...LOL

+*+ The 3I Story +*+

Form 3 to me is my stater life. My new life. My life has Changed alot.
I got loved, I got break, I got Friends, I got Enemys, I got New skills, I got pass for going out house.
Yeah. Before this i just at home. Darjah Satu hingga Form 3. ho ho ho.

What i wanted to share with my life is. When i was form 3, Theres to many new things to me.
My drawings got so way improve and lots. My first love also began at form 3...@_@ but got break..FUCK! well its normal..=.=......
We have many " stupid " idea. LOL Example, in the class WE always drawing.

The Artist in our class is
Izwan = He can wrote poem, and give me an idea.

so we decided wanted to build our Coperation.LOL.we make comics, Illustration, and lots..!!
Huhuhu But i tell ya, My friend Nasri was very good at Drawings!!!

My atitude at the time?
1. Melawan guru.
2. Lazy.
3. Always sleep.
4. I also perna TERmaki cikgu LOL!
5. Escape? NOPE!

huhuhu. That time i only love Teacher Rosita! MY MATH TEACHERS! even tho i HATE MATH! but i kinnda like it when she teaching me ^_^
Well she understanding me WAKAKKA..i mean the way how to teach me and how to Nasihat me.
Hukhukhuk. if i jumpa dia , i will spen her ow!

Well When the PMR...There was a big fight between
Kampung Dovanson *dusun+kadazan*
Kampung dumpil and some other Kampung *Bajau,Bugis,Pelipingg*
Sampai dua polis come to our school.
My friend Name DJ=Dearjoland got cought and Jonathan Senior.
But the funy thing is..When we rehat...THe gaduh is starting hulur, ke hilir....
SO funy when i saw them...


Oso the funniest is my Friend Jasri begaduh dia punya mush lambat...
You know what they say?

JASRI : Hai..Budu betul ow..mana ni org! Kima! suda la lambat! aku mo cepat lagi tu! Bawang putih Bawang merah mo start suda !

Suara Latar orang ramai : Ya ba...hai..budu betul..

Jasri : Ba..malas aku mo tunggu, kalau mo bisuk la...ckp sama tu urang. Saya mo balik tinguk bawang merah bawang putih.

Suara Latar orang ramai : Ya balik semua...bisuk jak tinguk tv!

LOL!!! i hear that then i laugh like i cant breath! me kena serangan jantung!

And then...the end the PMR is over. So we make an Party CLass as usualylah.

When that time....I and an idea. I bring my camere and record whole thing.
So...i try la...then...i recod all what hapen..then....after that...i make a cd..Called
The 3I story
Means THat 3I =3 Iswara.
My class name ba that. hehe...
So after that..i make a Volume 2 The 3I story...and then Volume 3 .
HO HO HO i go each other house one by one. FOR FREE!
hahaha i know la its stupid but for me its enjoy bah!...sekali sekalah dalam hidup.
Must make it Betul2...dont do tai ayam...Put put..

So some of em i just cut cut and put at youtube....

This one is very sad Y~Y

+*+ Tome,azam,me +*+

Well today when i was finish my class, i go to cyber with my COSMO friends...playing cs la..
And then i and azam go cp. I want buy my rantai.
Yea. THe other day i lost my rantai ow..Y_Y
its ody 2 years and a 11 month...Y~Y
Form 3 i buy....
Form 4 baru pernah buka 4 kali
form 5 ...3 kali.....then....Taun ni hilang ...wuuu~
But TOME sms me...he say...he meet MUFFIN at cp
So i go cp and meet Ony TOME...>__< x berpeluang want see Muffin again..WKAKAKAK so...we got borak2 kosong..and we take a pic...but me x da sana..Y~Y .*want gambar with xTp* Wuu~

* Blurr...suri ging...GINK KARAS BAINI!*

We talking bout COUNTER STRIK!!!!!!!!!
jejejjeej...this thing cant be hilang from adicted. ^_^... so when 5.30pm.
I and azam have to go, going to jumpa karamunsing.
Before we go to karamunsing. i buy new rantai...
Ya..kindda sucks..but its remind me of my old rantai..Y~Y

so i and azam go to lil bit of chit chat..then...we go home..

+*+ The End +*+

Monday, April 20, 2009

+*+ My dialy life become bz! +*+

Well lately i always bz...=.= even azam no belive me..zzzzz...
Ya...that other day we fight..WKAKAKAK..well we always fight..WKAKAAK...but friends always friends...
Well never mind about that.

The asignment was to many..@_@..and got problems with "someone"
*hal pribadi kekek*
well now we ody ok...=.=...become friends back.

*wat to type....wat to type........HA!*

Lately i always play piano....=.= i got no melody at my head.
Have to wait......zzzz... 

The worst part is. My assignment compitency and virus on it...T~T
All files in it a...all gone..oso Carmen got infected by the virus...>_<>
So after that she go home check the pendrive then..POOP!...gone lagi...eiyerr~
Memang stupid computer at cosmo ow..i oso hate cosmopoint computer....very LEMBAB one and BERVIRUS! they never fix it. Saya juga fix comp cosmo saya sana...~_~.
and the worst part is....Carmen do the asigment bi and The compitency...then balik rumah all gone wo. sad oso ..if like me hapen like that..nah! i will report the head minister Cosmopoint that the pc got virus, and no one to peduli~ i dono but i look evryone sana macm ada juga muka2 technition. 
Well i canot judge la....cuz i see also all bz...but i wish the computer was fix and no virus.

hope so its easy the student there no problem with the kerja kerja kena bagi...

HURM!...lately my friends banyak problem pc oso..haha..i take chances to fix those pc....*grammar fail. dont ask*

k la..thats it for today. i gonna go out to service pc si Dexter and go Wan house ....Chow!