Wednesday, April 22, 2009

+*+ Tome,azam,me +*+

Well today when i was finish my class, i go to cyber with my COSMO friends...playing cs la..
And then i and azam go cp. I want buy my rantai.
Yea. THe other day i lost my rantai ow..Y_Y
its ody 2 years and a 11 month...Y~Y
Form 3 i buy....
Form 4 baru pernah buka 4 kali
form 5 ...3 kali.....then....Taun ni hilang ...wuuu~
But TOME sms me...he say...he meet MUFFIN at cp
So i go cp and meet Ony TOME...>__< x berpeluang want see Muffin again..WKAKAKAK so...we got borak2 kosong..and we take a pic...but me x da sana..Y~Y .*want gambar with xTp* Wuu~

* Blurr...suri ging...GINK KARAS BAINI!*

We talking bout COUNTER STRIK!!!!!!!!!
jejejjeej...this thing cant be hilang from adicted. ^_^... so when 5.30pm.
I and azam have to go, going to jumpa karamunsing.
Before we go to karamunsing. i buy new rantai...
Ya..kindda sucks..but its remind me of my old rantai..Y~Y

so i and azam go to lil bit of chit chat..then...we go home..

+*+ The End +*+