Tuesday, August 24, 2010

+*+ My New Blog +*+


Hohohoho i make it private because someone spying on me..well i dint care..cuz this is blog also..but they ppl who ready my blog and copy it to sms..and send to others ...so i decided make it private so that no one will be disturb by this "Low Life Class Ppl"
Fuck you :]

So i hope you give your Email And Ill Aprove ASAP~

Thursday, December 31, 2009

+*+ The End Of Panda +*+

28-29 / 12 / 2009

Sir Herman with his man. . .

Today i want sleep out side. . . Join Man, Jamal, and my master. . .Sir Herman.
Well at first i get shy tho. . .huhu
At first my tujuan there. . . going learning BT hack . . . but. . .something difrent wat i espected it wuld be.

When i frust i fail commanding the Backtrack, i go to Studio. . .See Sir Herman Testing his Beloved
Guitar that he costum made. I dono what its name but its look fucking...COOL!!!

Then 5 minit pass sir Herman begin his story . . .
Org cakap pengalaman punya cerita bagus di ikut if got pengajaran.
So after long stody got some part that ive thinking 24 hours till now.

"Kau sembayang jumaat taun lalu berapa?"

then i kept thingking about it. Maybe if i begin praying n sembayang. . .my all probs will solve.
And ive begin have hope to be with Panda. . .

Digi Campus Panda.

After i awake, i go to my house. get bath and eat then Urus my Panda Sim Card Digi Campus.
So i ask my mom for 10 ringgit. . . 5 is for Pay the Digi campus *10 ringgit* and 5 is for my tambang. . . luckly ive got 1 ringgit backup.!

After done doing panda Digi campus. . .i direct go to Cosmo to give Panda her DIgi Campus.
^^ happy loh giving her with my hard work lol...not to hard.

After that i told Panda

Me : it will active within 24 hours, Maybe afternoon the sim will actived.
Panda : yerr~ i dont want tomolow... i want now~
me : =_= canot!


Digi Campus Panda Active Already.

As i finish drawing at studio, i direct go to Sharul House. . .Cuz hang out with Andy, apis, sharul and Jo.
Suddently. . . Sharul want go to Menumbok. . .cuz he want go Labuan.
and i was @_@!?
so i just folow...
As we at Kinarut. . . Panda Sms me. . .i was so happy dat time.
Cuz her Digi Campus ody activad. .
so i told her maybe i cant on9 tonite. . .Cuz im going menumbok...

Me : Panda, wer u? maybe i cant on9 tonite ow...

Panda : Why?

Me : cuz im going to Menumbok.

Panda : Ow...why ow...

Me : cuz want hantar my fren there cuz he want go labuan...
Not Fighting aa...its a place name. . .

Panda: ooo AHHAHA

haha :3

The End Of Panda

Today i was sick i sms panda to reduce my Hard Breath. . .after 3 sms. . .
my jantung begin ok ody...huhu You are my healing heart. . .But. . .i
already mark my word that i will stop loving you back.

I just want to make sure. . .i ask chery. . . is it right me to do like this?
and Chery say yes it was right because the more u layan maybe it will fall back in love.

So i cant wait till nite. . . the Second Raining. . . .I send the sms to Her.

And i was guilty to say that cuz ive ruin her mood. T__T
Im sorry ..
Im sorry ..
Im sorry ..

last thing that.
im sorry, it must be done to stop <3ing>
Maybe this is the only way to forget you.

The End Of Panda
To be continue.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

+*+ I think I will gave up on you. +*+

How Wonderful Life Would Be

2009 was my very bad year.
2010 i get sense it will become worst T_T
2011 its a long day and month to wait. .

Celebrate? hurm i dont have any plan.
I don't have any invitation like last year, n last year, n last year n last year and so on.
well... ill celebrate with my bed and dreams.

_|_ New year.

My new azam for 2010 is :

Go far away from u.
keep silnce from u.
Stop believing from u.
Stop waiting from u.
Stop Hope from u.
Stop everything that ive think before.


cuz. . . . .

yeah i just relize im just fooling around all this time. =(

but i want u to know that is. . . .

Even you super simple, but makes me happy when you around.

Even you rare talk to me but everytime ive heard your voice,
it gives me good mood and make me spirit !

Even we are rare meet each other,
But you were there when ive got big problems.

When im Down, you were there to help me Up.
When im crying, you stop me from crying =(
You so sweet =(


You give me hope everyday. . .I dint care how u looks,
but you the one ive
choose and ill stick with you
With no lie's and One and only i love. . .
i will follow wat u said.

But that was impossible for me.
I already know what the answer from you.

=( i hate <3

its good for me to do this.
Cuz i always keep remember u. when we chat, make me mish you and love you more. . .
i better keep this way. . .



Its Over Now ='((

I know that you're very nice
never ever tell me lies
you're always there to comfort me
and cheer me up when i am down

however that is it
you've got your world
and i've got mine
and after all that we've been through
i must say...

sorry honey, my heart is not for you
sorry baby, this love is not for you
sorry honey, my heart is not for you
sorry baby, this love is not for you

it's over now



Sunday, December 27, 2009

+*+ I want to be crazy? +*+

Well if like dat. . .hurm. . . i just keep silnce all the time. be a wierd that u all will go away. =|

+*+ My Story Of One Week+*+

22 December 2009

The time point at 03.40pm i Stay at Studio nothing much to do. .
. Ac2ly today is going to watch movie with panda. . . . but x jadi =(

hurm. . .that time we want to suprise pamela . Cuz that
day her birthday ^^
to be honest i also forget her birthday at that time.
After we surprise her, Wen come in bring the food i dono from
so Gaban Ask Wen wer he get the food,
He say got other room that Got All JPP

*i go back at the door, n i peek that room, i see her. . .T__T.
Well i dont have any courage to go in seeing her.
That time i dint bring my money, i was dam hungry.
T__T ya i got money prob this year.
So i sms Izudin to get me some food is enough huhuh

hurm thanx to him huhu....

After I finish eat, they start practicing the are
caroling for Christmas.

The song was so sad huhuhu.

I go the back door peek her. well she look happy =(
well glad la if like that.

i just sit back there hear the song..*prety sad to me la the tune *
Then i ask gaban for 50 for my tambang =D thanx! ^_^

24 December 2009

The day i go watch movie with panda.
Yeah i was so happy ^________________^
dam darn happy . . .hoho we go watch Avatar. . .
. . . .
Before we go Watch Avatar. . . v Take a walk to Art Gelary to
take a pix xD
Then v go eat at dono wat that kedai name..
.v Go eat bun bun ony~
yum~ yum~ when we eat eat there. . .
.Haziq besar see panda haha ^o^
then i sms no reply T__T well its ok tho~

Sad story T____T
haiz.... but anyhow still glad to gai2 with her.
((o-[ ^ ~^ ]-o))


after watch panda n i go other direction...im going to kk to take bus to my home.
..while panda her dad take her~

But im not go back. . . i just stay at api2 sitting there s
moking while thinking
about something huhuhu.
Then i sms her that i smoke and i at api2.
She told me dont smoke but i cant =(
then i ask her. . . .

Me : Why u taking care of me?
Her : dont ask why k? please. . .
Me : i need to know =(

Then her no rep me sms =(
very sad huhuhu

Then i go stay wif fren. . . but i cant hide my probs T__T
about Something.

We go eat2 at Near Melimewa. . . .After that. . . .Right in the middle of 12.ooam Its Christmas.

25 December 2009 / 26 December 2009

I go Drink wif my frens. . . .
huhu. . .
First we Go one Borneo, We planing going to Ice bar
but i dono why cancel then. . . .
Its 12.am. . .
Now is 26 December . . .
we go Raz drink drink there..>__<
But when i get drunk . . .I sms lot ppl ...im sorry wat i say
to panda. . . Im sorry if you mad when i say something bad. . .
i dint mean it. =((

To the person that couse me make 2 fb. . .

Im sorry wat ive say to you. . .

I realy do . . .
Im sorry


and im sorry to all ppl who i say bad word accept one girl at
Cosmo who fucking backstab me.

27 December 2009 / 28 December 2009

27.Dec 2009. . . 5pm-12.14 am
im waiting u online. . .
but i dono how many minits i slept at front pc haha...>_<
Huhuh. . .
just worry u get mad at my sms...
huhuhu...i did sense u on9 but i
dono u get online msn or not...huhuhu
but. . .u ody say to me u dont belive my sense. . . T__T


Is it worthy i wait her?
I ody stop sms with her. . huhuhu
But still cant tahan to not sms her * still trying not to sms*

The reason that i do this cuz, i dam love you!
You canot see or feel how big it was, but i dont want to
disturb you two. if you happy with it then
Go on. . .
I try to told you. . .
I want forget you,
I want we lost contect to calm n forget wat happen between us.

The more i sms or pm you, the more deep i
missing you every day
every nite
every week. . .
that the sms was all fake to me =( and to much confusing to me.

i realy hate when this happen.
when this hapen i cant help my self...huhuh
x terurus ody... i need you but i cant. Just lost contect please.

I just need Word from someone who can give me up back

Please sms me one or more word for give me boost. . . .

Im waiting <3.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

+*+ Calm my self +*+

Well . . . today is very very very calm day. . .T___T long time i dint feel this feeling. . .
ahh~~~~ today i want sleep sleep sleep till tomorow and tomorow and tomorw...
Thanx for the song panda~ . . . the song realy calm~ huhuhu
all problems...hurm...i just let it go...escape from it...hurm~
smile again~
haha~ well the problem flew like that. . .
farrr farr away haha~~ hurm :3



calm. . .


calm. .


Calm . .

* thanx panda~~ hoho later i spen spen *
[ (- -(- -) ]

Saturday, December 19, 2009

+*+ I still Can't +*+

Everytime i stressed, i can't stop smoking. T__T
It's like my friend already. . . .huhu
When Stress i smoke alot. huhuhu

yea...its one kotak and a half. . .huhuhuhu
One go satu kotak ow....
lol almost 1 hour i can finish those...


cant stop thinking about it. . .i cant avoid and stop smsing.
haiz..its my mistake i say like that. . .i apologizes wat ive say the other nite. . .its just confius me. T_T

Dream Today
I just dream of it.
I dream it very quick.
i dream that .... im not there . . . it was like im empty and like a wind if im there.
haiz. . .T____T


Movie. . . hurm . . .i wanna watch la later. . .Avatar. . . gonna watch it tuesday maybe.
But not at CP...1.B
Hope Still got. guhuhuhu