Wednesday, December 30, 2009

+*+ I think I will gave up on you. +*+

How Wonderful Life Would Be

2009 was my very bad year.
2010 i get sense it will become worst T_T
2011 its a long day and month to wait. .

Celebrate? hurm i dont have any plan.
I don't have any invitation like last year, n last year, n last year n last year and so on.
well... ill celebrate with my bed and dreams.

_|_ New year.

My new azam for 2010 is :

Go far away from u.
keep silnce from u.
Stop believing from u.
Stop waiting from u.
Stop Hope from u.
Stop everything that ive think before.


cuz. . . . .

yeah i just relize im just fooling around all this time. =(

but i want u to know that is. . . .

Even you super simple, but makes me happy when you around.

Even you rare talk to me but everytime ive heard your voice,
it gives me good mood and make me spirit !

Even we are rare meet each other,
But you were there when ive got big problems.

When im Down, you were there to help me Up.
When im crying, you stop me from crying =(
You so sweet =(


You give me hope everyday. . .I dint care how u looks,
but you the one ive
choose and ill stick with you
With no lie's and One and only i love. . .
i will follow wat u said.

But that was impossible for me.
I already know what the answer from you.

=( i hate <3

its good for me to do this.
Cuz i always keep remember u. when we chat, make me mish you and love you more. . .
i better keep this way. . .



Its Over Now ='((

I know that you're very nice
never ever tell me lies
you're always there to comfort me
and cheer me up when i am down

however that is it
you've got your world
and i've got mine
and after all that we've been through
i must say...

sorry honey, my heart is not for you
sorry baby, this love is not for you
sorry honey, my heart is not for you
sorry baby, this love is not for you

it's over now