Sunday, December 27, 2009

+*+ My Story Of One Week+*+

22 December 2009

The time point at 03.40pm i Stay at Studio nothing much to do. .
. Ac2ly today is going to watch movie with panda. . . . but x jadi =(

hurm. . .that time we want to suprise pamela . Cuz that
day her birthday ^^
to be honest i also forget her birthday at that time.
After we surprise her, Wen come in bring the food i dono from
so Gaban Ask Wen wer he get the food,
He say got other room that Got All JPP

*i go back at the door, n i peek that room, i see her. . .T__T.
Well i dont have any courage to go in seeing her.
That time i dint bring my money, i was dam hungry.
T__T ya i got money prob this year.
So i sms Izudin to get me some food is enough huhuh

hurm thanx to him huhu....

After I finish eat, they start practicing the are
caroling for Christmas.

The song was so sad huhuhu.

I go the back door peek her. well she look happy =(
well glad la if like that.

i just sit back there hear the song..*prety sad to me la the tune *
Then i ask gaban for 50 for my tambang =D thanx! ^_^

24 December 2009

The day i go watch movie with panda.
Yeah i was so happy ^________________^
dam darn happy . . .hoho we go watch Avatar. . .
. . . .
Before we go Watch Avatar. . . v Take a walk to Art Gelary to
take a pix xD
Then v go eat at dono wat that kedai name..
.v Go eat bun bun ony~
yum~ yum~ when we eat eat there. . .
.Haziq besar see panda haha ^o^
then i sms no reply T__T well its ok tho~

Sad story T____T
haiz.... but anyhow still glad to gai2 with her.
((o-[ ^ ~^ ]-o))


after watch panda n i go other going to kk to take bus to my home.
..while panda her dad take her~

But im not go back. . . i just stay at api2 sitting there s
moking while thinking
about something huhuhu.
Then i sms her that i smoke and i at api2.
She told me dont smoke but i cant =(
then i ask her. . . .

Me : Why u taking care of me?
Her : dont ask why k? please. . .
Me : i need to know =(

Then her no rep me sms =(
very sad huhuhu

Then i go stay wif fren. . . but i cant hide my probs T__T
about Something.

We go eat2 at Near Melimewa. . . .After that. . . .Right in the middle of 12.ooam Its Christmas.

25 December 2009 / 26 December 2009

I go Drink wif my frens. . . .
huhu. . .
First we Go one Borneo, We planing going to Ice bar
but i dono why cancel then. . . .
Its . .
Now is 26 December . . .
we go Raz drink drink there..>__<
But when i get drunk . . .I sms lot ppl sorry wat i say
to panda. . . Im sorry if you mad when i say something bad. . .
i dint mean it. =((

To the person that couse me make 2 fb. . .

Im sorry wat ive say to you. . .

I realy do . . .
Im sorry


and im sorry to all ppl who i say bad word accept one girl at
Cosmo who fucking backstab me.

27 December 2009 / 28 December 2009

27.Dec 2009. . . 5pm-12.14 am
im waiting u online. . .
but i dono how many minits i slept at front pc haha...>_<
Huhuh. . .
just worry u get mad at my sms...
huhuhu...i did sense u on9 but i
dono u get online msn or not...huhuhu
but. . .u ody say to me u dont belive my sense. . . T__T


Is it worthy i wait her?
I ody stop sms with her. . huhuhu
But still cant tahan to not sms her * still trying not to sms*

The reason that i do this cuz, i dam love you!
You canot see or feel how big it was, but i dont want to
disturb you two. if you happy with it then
Go on. . .
I try to told you. . .
I want forget you,
I want we lost contect to calm n forget wat happen between us.

The more i sms or pm you, the more deep i
missing you every day
every nite
every week. . .
that the sms was all fake to me =( and to much confusing to me.

i realy hate when this happen.
when this hapen i cant help my self...huhuh
x terurus ody... i need you but i cant. Just lost contect please.

I just need Word from someone who can give me up back

Please sms me one or more word for give me boost. . . .

Im waiting <3.