Wednesday, April 22, 2009

+*+ The 3I Story +*+

Form 3 to me is my stater life. My new life. My life has Changed alot.
I got loved, I got break, I got Friends, I got Enemys, I got New skills, I got pass for going out house.
Yeah. Before this i just at home. Darjah Satu hingga Form 3. ho ho ho.

What i wanted to share with my life is. When i was form 3, Theres to many new things to me.
My drawings got so way improve and lots. My first love also began at form 3...@_@ but got break..FUCK! well its normal..=.=......
We have many " stupid " idea. LOL Example, in the class WE always drawing.

The Artist in our class is
Izwan = He can wrote poem, and give me an idea.

so we decided wanted to build our Coperation.LOL.we make comics, Illustration, and lots..!!
Huhuhu But i tell ya, My friend Nasri was very good at Drawings!!!

My atitude at the time?
1. Melawan guru.
2. Lazy.
3. Always sleep.
4. I also perna TERmaki cikgu LOL!
5. Escape? NOPE!

huhuhu. That time i only love Teacher Rosita! MY MATH TEACHERS! even tho i HATE MATH! but i kinnda like it when she teaching me ^_^
Well she understanding me WAKAKKA..i mean the way how to teach me and how to Nasihat me.
Hukhukhuk. if i jumpa dia , i will spen her ow!

Well When the PMR...There was a big fight between
Kampung Dovanson *dusun+kadazan*
Kampung dumpil and some other Kampung *Bajau,Bugis,Pelipingg*
Sampai dua polis come to our school.
My friend Name DJ=Dearjoland got cought and Jonathan Senior.
But the funy thing is..When we rehat...THe gaduh is starting hulur, ke hilir....
SO funy when i saw them...


Oso the funniest is my Friend Jasri begaduh dia punya mush lambat...
You know what they say?

JASRI : Hai..Budu betul ow..mana ni org! Kima! suda la lambat! aku mo cepat lagi tu! Bawang putih Bawang merah mo start suda !

Suara Latar orang ramai : Ya ba...hai..budu betul..

Jasri : Ba..malas aku mo tunggu, kalau mo bisuk la...ckp sama tu urang. Saya mo balik tinguk bawang merah bawang putih.

Suara Latar orang ramai : Ya balik semua...bisuk jak tinguk tv!

LOL!!! i hear that then i laugh like i cant breath! me kena serangan jantung!

And then...the end the PMR is over. So we make an Party CLass as usualylah.

When that time....I and an idea. I bring my camere and record whole thing.
So...i try la...then...i recod all what hapen..then....after that...i make a cd..Called
The 3I story
Means THat 3I =3 Iswara.
My class name ba that. hehe...
So after that..i make a Volume 2 The 3I story...and then Volume 3 .
HO HO HO i go each other house one by one. FOR FREE!
hahaha i know la its stupid but for me its enjoy bah!...sekali sekalah dalam hidup.
Must make it Betul2...dont do tai ayam...Put put..

So some of em i just cut cut and put at youtube....

This one is very sad Y~Y


ojie_in_a_drama said...

Wahh hebat.
tukang jamming ka ne sumua dlm video?

~dOuBLe B~ said...

sweet eh,,