Sunday, May 17, 2009

+*+ The Egg Egg +*+

Yesterday i go one borneo. Yea at first i so bored got nothing to do =.= Then Rex sms me. He say 
Uitz lets go one b. Jalan2. So then i reply i got no money =.=.
then i go find at my school beg. some money and i go bodek my lil bro duit sikit. kekek.
Then i go one b. At the way to One b. To many korean at the bus..ho ho ho...hehe..*bored at the bus* so i sms carmen. LOL...bored bah~ then she ask me to spin one egg egg, heuheuhuehue
after arived at one B. I go ToyRUs. i tout the egg egg one inside the Shop~
=.= at outside pula penat i round2 in the shop. the workers there look me lain lain i want stealing something=_=!
zzz then i give up i go out. then i saw the Egg egg=_=!!!!!

* Pic Took from Lazy Panda~ * Hyakhyakhyakhyak

After then i buy token. YOU KNOW THE TOKEN COST HOW MANY@@!?
4 ringgit each. =_=!? if made in japan i dont care but made in china one -.-..nvm~
i buy two token one for me and one for Carmen.
hehe i get this

Then i draw a comic Hehehe

The Yellow one is for Lazy panda =_= the blue  one is for me...

Wei Chocolate stik! dont foget aa...@_@*im watching you*

heuehuheu.....thats all..papai~