Saturday, October 24, 2009

+*+ Whole Day have Fun +*+

Well today is 22 oct 09 . .. .

We go to UMS cuz got Matrix Show.

Izudin send us there using his dad car. hohoho at the back is
Then Izudin go take Hiromi. . .

after that we arived at ums...near the CIMB bank.
when we out from car we first come then baru la sir agus and sir sharul with the geng. . .

after that we take severel pictuere..hehe...that time...we go see the animation..hoho realy nice ow...then we go to the bilik drawing.....canvas drawing..

nice~ ^o^....

*Cridits to Carmen@panda*

hahah xD im the winner! xD

After that we go eat eat..hehe..lapar loh ...but before we go kantin...panda see something nice she suruh go there. . .
*i just folow lol*

Nice right? cridits to her~

huhuh....who can edit? please edit for me! xD

This one is almost near the kantin....

LOL!!! this is the kuliah punya room..we go here take aricon..xD

after that we go eat eat....
hohoho ..sedap ow~ and murah2 siiiikit...

after that...we bincang we want go cosmo or one i vote for one b!! xD
want gaigai~~



after then. . . . we go buy icecleam!!

then we go down stairs go taking picx

after that v go eat eat.. .xD the aunt ask panda..
Are u all come from malaysia or tourist ? LOL
While eating. . . she got called from his funny ni..
cuz v taking a

Finish, end.