Friday, May 1, 2009

+*+ Psyco Tansau +*+

Well today i wake up early because the rain so heavy ...Ho Ho Ho~ *phail*
so cold ow till i get flu~ So after that i see my handphone so many ow sms..Y~Y sory all...huhuhu
Then i go sms Carmen LOL XD...but she no rep...and then my friend sms...
*Bila ko dtg umah aku?*
*jap tunggu ujan redah*
So...after that i go rumah dia...then i go fix his computer*like always >_<*
After that we talk kosong la...then tiba2 dia check my phone and he dengar Ezza punya Piano..>_<
Yea i still keep it :P
Then we talk about piano Bla Bla Bla...then he told me he have a i ask he to bawa he go take ..then we bla bla bla keluar la...lagu ni..
Sinarmu Membentuk Pertiwi.
LOL My school song.
Yeah many of my friends make it Rock song tho i dono why!?
So i told he to record it so nice to hear...well he say he will record it but take a few days tho cuz he wanna make style song, edit it back 
If im not mistaken he make it 3 style.
3.Salsa...maybe la panggilan dia gitu..dono la..:D

well here the vidz

This is the Original * just short song*

This is the Rock ver

And This is ...maybe salsa..LOL

After that i go home cuz my flu become more worst..LOL..

+*+ The End +*+