Sunday, May 10, 2009

+*+ Today is my wierd day +*+

as i in my lovely dreaming piano song * above the song i dream* then sudently i
woke up becouse got someone eye
very blur like at the movie..very very blur. so i look it closely its still blur and
i think i know who called me. my ex. then
i cabut my bat phone and i sleep back, after that i wake up i look at the 
phone someone calling me...not
someone la..many....i dono
who calll but the one is EzzA*wo de peng you* Y~Y i very miss her tho~...i sms her dint 
reply~ ah nvm...and then Panda sms me ^^ 
gahaha and sleep back..=.=
lazy panda ........AHAHAH
Hurm today is very boring day.
Haiz i dono wat to do..wat to think..and wat the reason people that i 
never contect again call me suprise me !! 
Wierd day ... 5 of em call me in
Same hour same date same time! wierd!!! ARGH! why me..i mean
why always wierd or things that i dont 
understand hapen to me ow..Y~Y
tired ody...the song is in my dream ...i dream called it madriva??
i dono wer i found that name..LOL
foget it.....
Today is Wierd Day ever to me...kalah DEJAVOO!

im back to drawing.


kaoru96 said...

that piano song is so wonderful. :O

HiRoTo said...

Tq ow..^_^