Sunday, July 19, 2009

+*+ Rainy day is a very sad day +*+

Rain rain rain. The first break also heavy rain day~ Y~Y
i felt so sad when the rain so heavy or medium rain~.
My cat also come when rain
my second break also rain...
why must RAIN!!! Y~Y

I dono why ow~ >_<
i dam miss her so much till i sca to sms, reply, or call T~T.

When friday, i break my simcard. . . T~T my num and her num sama woh~
at the back ony i tell lah~ 933
same right~? keke...T~T she told me dont change~ but... she make me look stupid!!!
T~T. . . .
Dats y i break my sim card...huhuhu...and i dont want her wish me birthday~
T~T dam!
y u do dis to me!!!!!

Rainy day~
Rainy day~
Rainy day~
Why you always come and make me sad~
oh rainy day...
You such a misterius Rain~

. . . .T^T. . . .