Tuesday, September 22, 2009

+*+ 18th Sep Movie day at One Borneo +*+


Ho~ today i very exited go to see movie~ ho~
Me n panda want go watch movie G-Force! hhahaha very funy~
I reach at cosmopoint at 9.00 then after that...i remember the one borneo bas at 11.30 baru ada...

So i go wait panda come...while waiting i go cyber~~ heheh i look at movie there start at 1.00 pm and 3.00pm if im not mistaken la

When ody 11.03 i n panda go get tiket bus...but when we get there haiya...FULL ody~~ T^T

haiz...so v have to wait again 12.30...hehe when go gai2 we stop at Hall 8 sit there....Panda open panda phone...then we play game name " EVERYDAY ENGLISH " haha siok ow~
then after 12.30 we try go take the tiket......then late again! haiz~~ after that....we just standing there wait bus, me ody sweat ow..to hot loh!

Hurm~ its worth it waiting tho...haha the bus conducter say come come got 3 sit..then i go ...haha..v sit at the back.....

Heheheheheheheheh :)
at the bus , i see panda still playing the game =_=!...hehe but it was fun oso....and funy to me cuz...i think the answer till i go sleep sleep ow..hohohohoho..
i still remember the answer..Vine..AHHAHA
=_=! have to learn English more...>_<

After we arive at One borneo, panda say go take bus tiket but i say later when balik then ambik......then
we go buy a tiket...ehehe...we at Hall 1....but still got more time to wait, so we go at Apple cafe go eat eat there....XD

Yum yum~~ hehe

Panda!! wat u do~~ dont~~ xD

Heh~i just pay all of them ony 50cent! AHHAAH xD

When boring....panda do this...=_=..realy got no things to do..ahhaha

Candit~ xD taking a picture of a drawing panda make...kakaka...xD..
eh..look closely..panda like got Horn at her head...haah

So after that we go to cinema...cuz its 3pm ady, the movie want start.
So when we go the hall 1...Panda say ..

Panda : Yer~~ panda..later like the final dastination~
Me : =_= u ah....got no ba yer~~ * but me oso scare ow if that hapen*

** Entering the Hall 1**

Panda: YER!! Y SO DARK OW~~
Me: *in shock panda pull my shirt* @_@! What!? wei~ u ah scare ka? hahah

*then forgot...*
well, at inside so bright ow~
hurm...i tout the movie is start ody lol....so panda contineu with the phone game...

*this is funy and shock part to me n panda lol!*

while we play the game...sudently got sound


at that time i thinking of the final dastination...yang part dlm cinema...
HUISH!! SO SHOCK OW ME!! PANDA OSO !! HAHAH so funy look panda shock ^o^--c<*_*)

kekekke ^_______^.....funy HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH

then after finish watching movie we headed to take a ticket...want go home bah~~

then i see....so many ppl ow~!

then panda scold me..hahahahha xD
soly bah~~ >_<

haiz..so we have to wait again...while waiting....we go downstairs go buy something to eat eat again...haiya u a...like to eat ow..kakaka...

I dono wat is diz call.....

heheh...then we headed to a shop...the seller i think Original from China ow...the way she talk like pure China ppl..kakaka

Finaly we goin up to wait bus...after we sampai dekat Warisan...we saw at one shop...perfume shop...so funny when u read this...

its supose to be alkohol fre..=_=!?
and the funniest is FREE TESTING..

after that....we go to cp then i go teman panda walk to terminal..but x sampai loh...just near the cosmo then i go back at restoran..cuz my fren waiting me ther...then bla bla bla bla

we go home...

hapy ending..

Realy love this day♥♥


ojie_in_a_drama said...

wakkakaka FREE ALCOHOL
LOLLL!!u buy there and kena bagi free alkohol lol~

小朋友 said...

hahaha~ really happy day~ hehe~ tq panda~