Monday, September 28, 2009

+*+ The Night at the NET WORLD +*+

Every day since holiday 1 week, i just lepak at depan computer.
From 10.00am * wake up time* till 5/4/3 am *sleep time*

Lol...what i do? well first
* learn php. Result = Fail
*Learn sql injection. Result = Fail
*Learn Deface / Exploits again. Result = Fail
*Learn Java. Result = Still learning.
*Learn BT hack. Result = Searching.
*Learn Cs 1.6 Wallbang. Result = SUCCESS!!
*Learn Cs 1.6 Match rulz. Result = SUCCESS!!
*Learn Dragonica Levling alone. Result = SUCSESS!!

= = all success is game ony = = zzzz i better stop play game hahahah CANT!!!!
well computer is a second World to me i mean is..its like drugs to me...
Proof? go ask my fren AHHAAH..
Got one day i sleep at my friends house. at Brevely.
When i sleep one day there, i relise that got no internet. n pc that avialable to " date@use" hehe

i become crazy ow~ i talk to much....i play the lighter gass then VOOM! = =! my bulu tanggan burn..

= = total crazy.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

when i go out.....i must touch my pc first then go out..hahah..even one click pun cukup la...asal kan got online or toch it...xD

ow this week to many Cs 1.6 match i follow....well mau tambah experience ....

im very noob =_= even tho i teach my ppl how to galil...they dulu pro then me...T^T

ARGH!! I MUST PRO DARI DORANG! =3 topic!!! smoke?


ZeLL~LeaH said...

ui...ketagih ko internet ni jooo...

HiRoTo said...

ho..ya loh..>_<..Internet is my wife ....

ojie_in_a_drama said...

haaaaaaaahahahha lolllll your bulu tangan tebakar gara2 u cant stand klu x play pc.. XD