Sunday, November 8, 2009

+*+ The day me and her +*+

As i wake up in the morning, my leher and lungs hard to breath. Well its never across to my mind to cancel seeing her. Maybe im so kuat merokok thats y maybe hard to breath. . .
hurm well after i wake up, i called her.
Me : hurm. . .wer u~ what time go~ still oioi?
Her : ya. . .urm. . .
Me : wake up~ come go bath2. . .wat time meet oh~
Her : maybe 10am meet at terminal.
* all this are sleepy voice *

huhu...Well i go on my love comp, check my blog then play cs for a while. After that i mom coming. She bring me some nasi goreng! tq mom!
after i finish eat i sms her ask her to eat, but she oso finish eat! huhu..
Then when i finish get ready and i go bus stop i sms her once again "u at wer?"
then she said " otw "
lol same lo..i ask her wait at cosmo.

After arrived at terminal i go wawasan got see efa..hoho maybe she finish her paper. . . i go cosmo got see her. . .my heart beat so laju! and i hard to bearth sudently for a sec..>_< . .i tell her i go cimb bank take my japan money. . .
I dono the japan will go or not. . .if not...haiz....T^T so i take 50. . .
cuz i dont have any money.

Then i go wawasan buy lemon tea and coke. . . and she susu kacang soya.

Today v go One borneo, cuz acc her to interview

After i arrived at one b with her. . . V take a walk .
I RARE speak to her. . .i ony sms her even we so so close. . .
Oh i bring my camere also so i go take picture. . .huhu
after walking v sit dalam fun square ka..dono la wat its name. . .

*she sms say : urm. . .dont give me muka 10sen ow. . .*
lol... sory loh realy feels giving up. . .

V go round2 . . .then i sms her. . .
Me : Want see dogie dogie?
Her : Wan!! yeay!
Me : Go interview first then v go watch dogie dogie.

Then she bring me go down stairs. but she said dont want ...=_=
then i sms her why she said to small but dont worry, got at warisan japan restoren.
So we go round2 there. . .then i remember. . .i dono why sudently remember tamagochi. . .so i go check. . .got no! T___________________T
so sad sad sad... haiz. . . .T^T
so we go round2 in the Toys'r'us
*she sms me dont sad sad loh. . .so i say . . .im not. . . i prove to u. . .

then got sms lagi. . . .
Her : lie ow u. . .still sad. . .=_=. . . kill u.
Me : sorry cant help it.
*hurm. . .*

when we want go up stairs. . . i see some gelery art there open near the apple . . . .so i ask her. . . want go in?
then she said haha i know u want..come2. .

She take . . .lol quite nice

so v go see see dog. . .v go up..then...found!

ngehehe i touched. . .can ka? xD

Then i go buy this. . .panda key chain. . .

panda. . . hurm. . .

so v go the book store there read2. . .but sudently i remember something then got no mood...i go out that place then i force her go up stairs wait the movie start. . .
when want go up. . . she terjumpa her fren. . .i think its hotel fren. . .i think la.. .

Then after that v go watch movie. . .

Seriusly. . . i felt nothing. . . i felt like. . .i just sitting there, then . . . i dono how to explain. . .not like normal movie i watch. . .
haiz. . .stupid movie day . . .T^T
then got no mood lagi...cb...

After finish movie. . v go daiso buy buy. . .i buy Stiker japanese for keyboard. .
then v go. . .
" Something Diffrent "
I buy this Dogie key chain. . .

after that v wait Warisan bus . . . but full neh~ 7pm. . .
so v go take a reguler bus

dlm perjalanan go kk. . .i think lots in my mind. . .*to be honest*
shuld i take this opportunity to hold her hand. . .?
Shuld i say i still love u?
shuld i say can i wait u?
shuld i kiss u softly?
Shuld i?
Because i realy miss u. . .

My mind very twisted . Lots of jynx every year every month.
I so depresd because one of my friend backstab me.
i dono wat to do.
i just keep ager inside me.
i dono can tahan or not. i just keep. . .
I realy want to know. . .why people do this to me.
I never do to those ppl. . .
but why? why did you do such a thing?
god give you brain. you suld think before do.
and i dint understand that. . .my own problems. . .

We arived at terminal at 6.20. .

Me : i hate to say this word huhu i hope its ony temperaly. . .Good bye~ T^T
Her : hurm its ok bah~ bye^^
Me : urm. . .
Her : tq acc me today.
Me : ok~

Cant help it.
Still love you but i can't T^T

The end.