Thursday, December 3, 2009

+*+ Confusing about You +*+

Every time u sms me was difrent like others. It makes me confusing. Well doesn't
care anymore n i dono wat to say ody.
Yeah .
Life isn't always "Colour Full"
This year was disaster for me.
I can't handle it alone. Its beyond ive Imagenation wat will hapen if i do that or this,
ony dreams and instinct help me.
and GOD.
Thank You God.

Anyhow. ive drink alot yesterday. Yeah its hard to me to control if im giving up already.
Just now balik pagi. >_<>
my probs to feel me better n
Also her do the same thing.
Then when i want to wait my frens me jumpa si man. LOL cant handle my blur blur..when he say im drunk
I lough sudently LOL. >__<

Yeah ppl say to me Better forget her la...not easy as we talk tho. Its taking very long long time to
forget someone that u loved. Well u try it ur self. its fucking hard tho.
Huhuhu...i think its maybe the karma ive do to Iyan. T^T
i knew it ody!!!! ergh.
well karma is karma . i cant do anything ony to try not to do it.

Smoke? well its down to 20% and Drink down to 98%
i drink alot last nite.

T_____T dam it was pain.

Im sorry deleting ur msn. Im sorry i delete your number. and im sorry if i say "GO AWAY"
more chat more hurt. So to prevent it "NOT" to chat.
im happy for it =|

My Facebook? closed. =( hurt when i see.
dam i love her.

just love ur piano~