Tuesday, December 1, 2009

+*+ T______T +*+

The truth is all out.
This is u im talking about

at last i know who.
ya i was so dumb who choose the impossible choices to like somenone that i ody know her atitude.

I waist time on person that not even like a boy. =(
Why i so dumb not choosing her.
damit u syed...u fucking dumb syedz.

i dono wat to say. my head blurr..

I ony to say. . .i fall in love with ya~ but im fool to ignore it.
i Want to say i love u but i shy to say it.
I only brave to say i love only tru here. . .
I love u but i cant disturb ur relationship.

i. . . . have to stop loving some one.
Must become a Heartless boy to feel no pain.
T___T but how. . .

T_T im so confius the way we sms....hhuhhuhu.
Damit! this year so fucking emo.

Im a fool.