Thursday, December 17, 2009

+*+ Half N Love +*+

Today i go home with my bro gaban...hoho ac2ly my fren ba....Neway after arived home. I dont know my dompet jatuh. So after go home i go direct my computer .

Uncle : Kau ada tercicir dompet ka?
Me : ya...*dalam keadaan blur ada ka x da LOL*
Uncle : er datang umah org kawin ni. Pakcik bagi dompet.
Me Ok. . .

Then I go there la. . . take back my dompet. . .then. . .gud la xda ilang...
After i check back. my half money and Love money Gone T__T
So i go cari di jalan huhuh....


Then got back! xD


This time i took care my money half n love money! >__<