Tuesday, June 30, 2009

+*+ My Bad luck Month

Well after i go finish my last SPM paper, i go to Santai cafe to see my friend...
Then sudently my " Ex-friend" Farid, park at side and call me.
First i tout he want see me.. so this is how it hapen.

*sms with panda if im not mistaken. . .*
then. . . . the car stop at side of a road. . .

Farid : Oi dus sini dulu ko. . .

Me : Uits alo pren....ada pa ging?

Farid : *punch me at head * apa ko ckp sama gurl aku!?

Me: Elak hit dari kepala* apa aku ckp? *got punch again*

Farid : Apa ni..melawan ba ko...

* And then...lazy to layan dorang.... turn around...contineu sms with panda ..*

at that time they hit me at the back..WKAKKAKA
and i just make it that nothing hapen...u know wat..i sms panda sambil senyum2 ow..AHAHAH
Like nothing was hapen.

i dono la even i sms with panda or someone else..well thats not important..wat is IMPORTANT is
Peace man...keke..Like Sir Agus say...
No racist no Fight. Mind must Be luas....

Its true. Wat farid do to me...well unmature = .= well
this thing is not important...

MY CAT MISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PANDA~~~~~~~~~~ HELP ME FIND GARY~~~~~~ T~T
i hope i dont see his dead body..T~T
i will cry ow~!!!