Tuesday, June 30, 2009

+*+ My internet. Thanks to SCREAMYX! TM NUT!+ *+

My internet going mad oledy~~ aiyo~
thats y my blog dint update to long. even i want to upload interesting story then the stupid internet spoil my mood...T~T
No internet means no Jackass story. Haiz~
Lawak gila la kalau korang read. u will kencing in ur own PANTS!! HYAK HYAK HYAK HYAK
@__@? what else..erm...oya!!!

Did you know? My internet line only ok when Hujan!!!
If no hujan....My internet line will be DC DC DC DC DC
= ="
Dc sometimes it take 13-14 minit..and sometimes..1 hours.....
You know how long i can connect to internet?
Well sometime 20-30 second...and sometimes...5-9 minit..= .= then dc again..
have to wait again 20 minit...haiz~
But now i ody buy New modem,pc,lcd LOL..not me.....my dad...XD
well thats it for today..

Oya..one more thing..Thank you To Nizam who promote about