Friday, July 3, 2009

+*+ The Twin Pianists +*+

Edit edit edit edit...that is my every day life now.
T~T tired like hell man..haiz....
My lecturer ask me to do Novel Cover, so i decided to make The Twin Pianist.

gila ow.. i make it from dono to 3 pm..i was like ~o~.....*sleepy*

so here the Final step. . . editing bad friend name Chia Ka Fe is NICEEEEEEEEE ow he edit..T~T

oya...and my previus assignment...oso Chia Ka Fe 10! OW....I GOT 8 T~T

7/ 10


and today i also got asignment oso..T~T,..veryy penat juga ow...>_<
i trace it one by one..wkakk

Real Artwork By : Range Murata. and im just tracing it..

kkke..still in learning this adobe ilustrator thing.....
very best and nice la..
the hard thing i learn is the brush..LOL..the background i make it to long ow..AAKAKAKKA
...but i canot beat Panda~~ T~T........

Today i can on9 cuz hujan...wakakka every time line is ok....wkakak
well saya berabis la ni untuk bloging.